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Tamsin’s Lentil Bolognese
My dear friend Tamsin has been taking pity on my plight to lose these last 30 pounds of baby weight, and has been sending me some of her own low fat recipes to try out. I recently gave this one a whirl on a night where I would have otherwise... Continue Reading
My First Gift To My Daughter: Breastfeeding
After my less than ideal labor experience, I was beyond elated the moment my gorgeous baby was handed to me, all bundled up like a little glow worm. I held her in my arms, and for... Continue Reading
What Kind of Adult Are You Raising?
If you have children, or work with children, what are some words and phrases you would use to describe the adults you hope they become? Independent? Happy? Trusting? Self-actualized? Fulfilled? What about obedient? Submissive? What about... Continue Reading
Happiest Mommy on the Block!: The First 3 Months
This past Sunday was a milestone for my sweet girl Chloe. She turned 3 whole months old! I remember coming home from the hospital, feeling as though I wouldn’t be able to sustain the life of... Continue Reading
Oatmeal raisin breakfast “cookies”
When I found this recipe on pinterest, I thought they would be my new favorite thing. They are not quite at that level, but they are a good, filling, healthy breakfast or snack. I think I... Continue Reading
Saturday Night Quickie!
(get your mind out of the gutter)
Dinner tonight was so fantastic, I had to share the recipes. This is just a quickie, since I’d like to get back to my Saturday night couch time, but here you go! Ingredients Honey Pecan Crusted... Continue Reading