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The 90 Days To 30 Challenge!: Week 2
This week was tough. The difficulty level increased exponentially on Friday when I got the bright idea to start a new workout program in addition to the ab challenge. For those who aren’t familiar with Turbo Fire, it’s essentially jumping up and down, kickboxing, running in place at super sonic... Continue Reading
Project 52:8 Motherhood is…
If you keep up with my blog, you know that I’m in the middle of what I call the “90 Days to 30 Challenge”. It has been a bit tough one or two day so far,... Continue Reading
Chicken wraps
The 90 Days to 30 Challenge!: Week 1
This week was quite a rollercoater. Started off on a definite steep incline to a great workout, healthy eating high. I was feeling GREAT the first 4 days. Then I had a day off. Monday was... Continue Reading
Project 52:7 Motherhood is…
This week we experienced one of my personal most anticipated firsts: first food! As you can see, Miss Chloe tried avocado. It was hilarious to watch her process having that texture in her mouth. After a... Continue Reading
The 90 Days To 30 Challenge!!
Since the whole world has seen my baby jelly belly in... Continue Reading
Project 52:6 Motherhood is…
I have been quite a hermit since giving birth. Although I am absolutely in love with breastfeeding, being in the public eye doesn’t make it quite as enjoyable for me. The nursing cover is a sauna,... Continue Reading
Why I’m Just Not That Into Pinterest.
Oh, Pinterest. The ultimate online enabler. Before you ladies get your panties in a bunch, believe me, I was just as addicted to Pinterest as the next girl. Don’t believe me? Go look at my boards.... Continue Reading
Project 52:5 Motherhood is…
There it is.. the stretch mark laden, baby jelly belly. I am currently working on the jelly part, but the stretch marks are here to stay. And I must say, I’m coming to terms with it.... Continue Reading