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The Surprising Secret to Traveling with a 9 Mo Old: Believe in The Kindness of Others
Last week, I celebrated my 30th birthday. Chloe and I decided to head up to Toronto to see my father, who had not yet met my sweet little monster. I had a LOT of anxiety about several aspects of the trip. There were no direct flights available, so I’d have... Continue Reading
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Project 52:21 Motherhood is…
Looks like a normal situation, right? Well this picture wasn’t taken before a nice walk. It was taken while I was getting things done around the house! This little stinker SCREAMED like her leg was being... Continue Reading
Project 52:16 Motherhood is…
I know this post is 5 weeks late, but better late than giving up! It can be so tough to let the picture perfect moments just slip by, completely forgetting to document them. I need to... Continue Reading
Project 52:19 Motherhood is…
Happy’s Mother’s Day, y’all!! I hope today is covered in even more kisses than usual. What is Project 52? Project 52 Group: The Carter Family, What We’re Sayin, Moments and Impressions, Wicked Kate, Gin and Juice... Continue Reading
Courtney, Where The Heck Have You Been??
I know you have been wanting to ask me that everyday. Waiting with bated breath for my next post. Totally. Well, the answer is simple, really. I’ve been playing with Chloe. And sleeping. Haven’t really felt... Continue Reading
The 90 Days to 30 Challenge: Week 12?? (Oops.)
Um… Yeah. So I was hoping no one would notice I didn’t post an update for the last 4 weeks. I know y’all did notice, though. I would say I’m sorry, but clearly I’m not because... Continue Reading