About Me

Since I was 15, I have defined myself as a hard working member of the restaurant industry. I have worked in restaurants through high school and college, and loved every second. Even after all the work I did in college to attain my Bachelor’s in Spanish, guess what was the first and only job I applied for as a post graduate? Yep, to work in one of the best restaurants in Chicago, Tru.

Almost 2 years later, I met a handsome, hilarious, tattooed man in a bar on the kind of summer night you reminisce on when you’re 80 with a smirk on your face. From the second I met him, I knew he was something special. Two months later, I found myself living in New Jersey with the best friend I never knew I was missing. Fast forward 5 years, after we ran out of things to fight about, we have both realized what it really means to love, and how close it is to hate. We have learned to toe that line with caution.

During one of our early battles, I moved out for almost a year to try my skills in New York. Since working in Chicago, I have pondered what it might be like to work in the industry in such a cut-throat city. Being in such close proximity, I couldn’t resist the opportunity. So, I lived in Harlem, and worked in mid town, and then the village. I puffed out my chest, and pretended to know way more than I did. Somehow, I managed to land a gig in arguably the best restaurant for wine in NYC at the time, Cru. Besides having the ability to explore wine that I had only read about in wine books, working at Cru taught me the #1 most important lesson of being a sommelier- to be humble. Even when you have worked for years to have the right not to be. In terms of my career in wine, I can now die happy.

Now, as a veteran of the restaurant industry, a new mom, and an information junkie, I have recognized that I have a lot to talk about lately! I just can’t seem to get enough educated opinions from others on topics ranging from new, tasty-looking wines on the market, to how to make the right decisions on how to grow my new baby into the best person she can possibly be. Reading up on the teachings of Alfie Kohn has gotten my attention more than anything, when it comes to ideas on raising and teaching children.

Another dilemma that weighs on me is the disconnect between serious wine drinkers, and “just for fun” wine drinkers. It feels to me as though there is far too wide of a gap between the two camps. I’d like to do my part bridge that gap, so that we can all enjoy well made wine that is offered at a reasonable price.

About This Blog

This blog is an amalgamation of ideas, reviews and tutorials about food, wine, small projects and child rearing tidbits. If my experience with labor has taught me anything, it’s to be humble, and non-judgmental of a decision until I am exactly in the same position. Therefore, it is my goal to not judge that which I do not fully know about. However, that goal must also not inhibit me from forming, and expressing my own opinion on the situations in which I have experienced. Hopefully, others who are visiting this site will have also come to their own opinion on some of these topics, and will be gracious enough to share their own conclusions.

Every story has many different angles and perspectives. I welcome the knowledge of them all. At first glance, it may seem that this blog would attract several very different types of people. However, I think this blog is applicable to every person out there. I mean, who doesn’t want a few easy yet awesome dinner recipes? Who wouldn’t benefit from a few quick, honest reviews of wines from their local wine shop? Yes, not everyone has or wants kids, but this blog is more about figuring out how to grow thoughtful, caring people, which everyone could stand to think a little more about.