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Why I Avoid Nursing in Public
So, it’s no secret I’m pro-breastfeeding. I’m pretty obsessed with the science behind it, and not in a hyperbolic way. I even have breastfeeding dreams. A lot of them. I this awesome, interesting, not for sissies blog. And mid explanation, I had a total lightbulb moment. Yes, the logistics sucked... Continue Reading
The Bedtime Saga: Part Three!
Is there light at the end of the tunnel?
As I mentioned, I have a great friend and mother of 5 daughters that I decided to get advice about bedtime from. I explained the whole story, and she suggested the possibility that Chloe just wasn’t... Continue Reading
The Bedtime Saga: Part Dos.
Do you hear something?
Oh, it’s just my baby screaming her brains out. Carry on.
Before I had a baby, I thought I had heard just about all of the most unnerving sounds in the world: your teeth being drilled, metal on metal, that awful practice storm watch sound your tv... Continue Reading
The Bedtime Saga: Part 1
She cries if we do, she cries if we don’t.
Oh, my sweet girl. She’s driving me insane. Like I may possibly run off, shave my head, and get a face tattoo insane. My pending insanity doesn’t stem from what those without children might think. It’s... Continue Reading
Project 52:27 Motherhood is…
I seriously have no clue how I would juggle two kids. This girl is still so attached, and as much as I love it, I am really looking forward to the day she is completely weaned,... Continue Reading
Project 52:26 Motherhood is…
From the day she was born, my sweet girl has had a full head of hair! It did seem to have a little curl to it, but I just figured her hair would just be wavy... Continue Reading
Daddy 1
5 Favorite Mommy (and Daddy)Things: Part 1
1. So, after you have a baby, you have to keep track of a lot of things. Well not a LOT of things, but things that happen a lot. Namely, peep, poop, eating and sleeping. Not... Continue Reading
Project 52:25 Motherhood is…
We got to see my younger sister and her family this weekend, and we had a blast! Her sweetie son Grayson is almost 6 months old, and getting so big! The last time he and Chloe... Continue Reading
Project 52:24 Motherhood is…
I know I have promised like 5 blogs in the last couple weeks. I swear I think about them everyday. I WILL get to writing them soon. The three I have halfway written in my head... Continue Reading
Project 52:23 Motherhood is…
What is Project 52? Project 52 Group: The Carter Family, What We’re Sayin, Moments and Impressions, Wicked Kate, Gin and Juice Boxes,... Continue Reading
Project 52:22 Motherhood is…
Everyone loves that book. I remember reading it and dreaming about the day I’d get to softly say those words to my own baby someday. Now, the nightly routine of getting my little babe to snooze... Continue Reading
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