Courtney, Where The Heck Have You Been??

I know you have been wanting to ask me that everyday. Waiting with bated breath for my next post. Totally.

Well, the answer is simple, really. I’ve been playing with Chloe. And sleeping. Haven’t really felt like blogging, or doing much of anything besides hanging out with my family, cooking, laundry, and watching “Girls”, “Mad Men” and “The Killing”.

A small part of me felt like those who read this blog deserve an explanation for no posts for 3 weeks. I did have an encounter with a hacker, which kept my site down for about 3 days, but that was a small blip compared to my own laziness.

My MIL is coming into town tomorrow and staying until Monday, then the next day Miss Chloe and I are off to Toronto to see my dad. So, it’ll be another good 2 weeks before I post again (besides the Friday 3 Motherhood posts I owe). I intend on brainstorming quite a bit about new things that I’ve learned over the last 2 months to write about. I’d like to be re-inspired to write.

I’ll take suggestions on things to write about, if anyone would like to hear about my thoughts on something!

See you soon, lovers.

A new mom, lover of food and wine, and some say, a real firecracker.
  1. Well, your excursion to Toronto will inspire you to blog about “traveling with a 7 month old” i’m sure! and hey, we’ll take it!

  2. You are a mama – Chloe comes first!! I am in a major blogging drought…had to drop out of the Project 52 b/c my little guy is just too high-maintenance for such a structured blog project. Broke my heart, but my little guy comes first! I have all these great ideas for blogs, but then when I sit down…nothing. Major sleep deprivation (Lucas has been nap-striking & not sleeping well at night) and trying to keep a 7mo. old entertained all day long has really taken its toll on me. I am fairly certain that there is not a mama in this world who would not understand a break from blogging!! Our babies are only this age once!

  3. As much as we miss you Chloe and family comes first. Maybe blog about your time with your MIL and your trip to visit your dad?

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