Project 52:1 Motherhood is…

Project 52 is typically a project for groups of photographers to improve their photography skills, while documenting something in their life. There are lots of groups of people who participate in it, and I think it’s pretty neat. Unfortunately, I am so not a photographer. However, I love the idea of a weekly project that helps me to document my babe’s growth. So, I am starting my own project 52! Each week, I’ll pick a word that describes an aspect of Chloe’s development from that week, and try to take a picture that displays it. You’ll be able to keep track of what week we’re on through the conveniently numbered posts. This will be a Friday post, because we all love Friday! If anyone else would like to form a group with me, please just leave a link to your website or blog in the comments, and I’ll link to your project, as long as you link me back!

Project 52 Group: StyleberryBlog, The Carter Family, McBabybump, What We’re Sayin, Adventures in Mommyhood, Moments and Impressions, Kate L Photography

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  1. Hey there! I am doing p52 as well, for my second year, I’ll link you back! :)

    • Done! Thanks!! I’m new to the blog world, and haven’t met too many “friends” yet! Nice to meet you! Adorable site!

  2. Ha! LOVE it! There’s a lot of that mouthy-ness going on at our house right now too.

    I’m adding your link! :)

  3. My daughter puts everything in her mouth! I’m linking you to my Project 52 that I just started at Hope you can link me as well! Can’t wait for the next year of photos and memories.

  4. I added you to my p52… I am so excited to to this and glad to have found you.

  5. Hi Courtney! GREAT post!! I am very excited that we all get to share our Project 52s with each other!! And, I am always excited to find a fun new blog to read!!

  6. Thanks for linking up this year! Happy to have you as a part of the 2012 project 52 circle! *s

  7. So cute! She is adorable. I’m one of the 52ers. My daughter is 6 months…7 next week but she is pretty mouthy right now too. :) We’ll see when those teeth wind up coming in.

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