Project 52:5 Motherhood is…


There it is.. the stretch mark laden, baby jelly belly. I am currently working on the jelly part, but the stretch marks are here to stay. And I must say, I’m coming to terms with it. I was always afraid of getting lots of stretch marks after a baby. Now that I have them, I won’t go as far to say that I’m glad I have them, but they are a constant reminder that I’m now a grown woman. A mother. I have been lucky enough to enter this phase of life’s experiences. And I am very grateful.

Stay tuned for my series documenting my Insanity challenge! I WILL BE A HOT MAMA!! ;)

What is Project 52?

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  1. Your strechmarks are so much lighter than mine! Did you use anything to help them fade? My Project 52 this week was about our “fur-babies” being a part of our family and motherhood. Thanks for another great week linking up!

    • Thanks, Mahina! I splurged and used the Mederma on it, because I was willing to try anything that made them better. I only used it for about a month, and it didn’t seem to make a difference at all. It’s possible that the effect was delayed, and that’s why they lightened up so much, but I doubt it. I wouldn’t recommend the splurge.

  2. I love how the Project 52 is bringing out the brave in mamas everywhere!! I was fortunate and did not get stretch marks, but I do look like I am smuggling cottage cheese in my butt and thighs!!! I *think* about working out now and then…but have not really gotten around to it yet. I guess it is a good thing swimsuit weather is not until at least July where I live!!

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