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I have been quite a hermit since giving birth. Although I am absolutely in love with breastfeeding, being in the public eye doesn’t make it quite as enjoyable for me. The nursing cover is a sauna, and I hate making people uncomfortable by exposing my nipple, even for a few seconds. Don’t get me wrong, there have been situations where being embarrassed isn’t an option, and it’s more important to feed my babe. But if I can avoid it, I will.

One of my solutions is to just go over to a friend’s house, instead of a very public place. This has proven to be a great ‘best of both worlds’ situation. Now, my next obstacle is trying to figure out how to have a fun day at a friend’s house, but not interfere with Chloe’s developing naptime schedule. I reeeeeally like it when she’s more predictable, so I don’t want to confuse her by breaking the routine for a social visit, but mommy needs some friends! Has anyone else experienced this conundrum? What has worked for you?

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  1. It’s difficult before they develop a real routine. Or it was for me! With my first one I stayed home a good bit, trying to keep him on a good schedule. With baby #2…she didn’t have it so easy because with an older one we just couldn’t stay at home all the time. If nobody else, Mama would go insane! Despite not working as hard on routine with her, she developed her own patterns and is pretty predictable with her schedules. Schedules are important, but so are making great friends! :) Good luck!

  2. Yay for baby friends! We have been trying to find a Mommy & Me group or something in LA. Thanks for linking up this week!

  3. That’s my baby!!! heehee they had a lot of fun and they are SO CUTE together! thanks for coming over ladies =)

  4. I think breaking the schedule sometimes will not impede any progress towards predictability in routine. For example, go to a friends once or twice a week but not every day. Then you can both get what you need. It looks like she’s of the age where they nap a lot. It will get easier as she gets older and goes to two naps and then just one.

  5. I too have developed some *hermit habits* since Lucas was born…mainly due to the fact that, until recently, he has been a very high-needs/colicky/screaming baby. My sister (in-law) got me involved with MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), which is nice, but is only 2 days a month. I also try to make it to our monthly local La Leche League meeting…where I can breastfeed without worrying about making others uncomfortable. I also spend a lot of time at my sisters house, as she is a mom of 3 and still breastfeeding her 9 mo. old son. My Lucas will sleep darn near anywhere, so I just make sure that if I am going somewhere, I plan to be there by the time nap-time starts. Or I just stay home. Yes, I get lonely and bored and have developed a somewhat embarrassing love for mildly trashy TV, but I am pretty serious about making sure that naps are not messed with around here!!

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