Project 52:7 Motherhood is…

This week we experienced one of my personal most anticipated firsts: first food! As you can see, Miss Chloe tried avocado. It was hilarious to watch her process having that texture in her mouth. After a couple experimental bites, I think she started to understand! She’s always staring at me in awe when I eat now. I can’t wait for the day when we’re sitting together at a nice dinner, and she’s a grown woman, and I can finally say “I remember the first time you ever took a bite of food..” Good thing I’ll have this book of motherhood memories to remind me!

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A new mom, lover of food and wine, and some say, a real firecracker.
  1. So cute! Meal times are starting to scare me now that Ke’alohi is grabbing for the spoon and wants finger foods. Food is flying every where now! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Your daughter is stunning!! Lucas has really started getting interested in watching us eat, but we still have a bit to go before it is time for food. It is going to be so much fun when it is that time though!

  3. I love that you went with nature’s most nutritionally dense food first!!

  4. Oh boy. I don’t miss those days! For some reason, I used to really stress about feeding my kids when they were babies. Hope it continues to be fun for you. Love the picture…such a great expression on her face!

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