The 90 Days to 30 Challenge!: Week 7

Being back on the wagon feels great. I always have this great momentum the first few days, as I’m sure everyone does. I’m just focusing on being able to stay on until this challenge is over. Of course, it won’t be ending there, because my getting to my ultimate weight goal of 125 or size 4/6 is going to take me all year. I’m okay with that.

I’ve found that being crazy about certain things like weighing myself, or not forgiving myself for cheating is not working for me. It’s making me have this really negative, self hating vibe that I just hate having. I want to have those “I don’t care what anyone thinks, this is what I look like” feelings in my head, while still staying in healthy weight loss mode. In the past, I only get that to that place mentally after I’ve “given up” on my goal, and just let go of the insecurities in my head. I think something else that is messing with my mental state a bit is that I’m at this weird weight where my pregnancy shirts and larger sized jeans I bought 2 months ago are falling off me, but my pre-pregnancy clothes are just a bit too tight to wear. Hopefully, I can keep my head down long enough to drop a few more inches to get into a size or 2 smaller soon!

My awesome mommy blogger friend Crib Notes Kelly has coordinated another challenge for April. I am participating because my arms have ALWAYS been one of my biggest problem areas. Here are some before pics I snapped before a turbo fire/ Brazilian butt lift (yes, that’s what it’s really called) workout.

As you can see, I haven’t kept up on the abs workout.. I’m working on it again!

Look at those guns! Well, gun. And my bathroom artwork :)

What’s up arms challenge!? Bring it!

And a bonus pic…

Me, post hour and a half workout. Turbo fire is no joke! I have also started a new program called Brazilian Butt Lift. And although I can’t stand the instructor or the mannequins for girls on it, I did like the moves a lot and my bootie was REALLY sore the next day!

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