The 90 Days To 30 Challenge!!

Since the whole world has seen my baby jelly belly in my motherhood post, I may as well document the “get hot before I turn 30″ challenge I have decided to do! I was going to start this at the beginning of February, but due to being very sick for the fourth time since giving birth (what the heck?), and a pinched nerve in my neck, I had to put it off until I recovered. Luckily, I’m turning the big 3-0 in May, so I have a new fun name for my challenge! Here’s the details:

I intend to do this 30 day ab challenge, paired with 20 mins of intense cardio on the eliptical. After this 30 day challenge, I will move on to a more intense 60 day challenge. I’m not 100% which 60 day challenge I’m going to do yet- Insanity, P90X, or the Jillian Michael’s Shred. I’m leaning towards Insanity, but we’ll see. I’m also up for suggestions and/or opinions for those who have done one of these. I did p90X once for a week, but was also working like a crazy person at the time. and it was just too much. I have no excuse now. Darn it.

As for nutrition, because we all know that’s pretty much the most important part, I’ll be doing Weight Watchers Online. I’ve been doing it for a week now, and I’m digging it. My plan accounts for the fact that I’m nursing, so it’s great. I have found it to be very user friendly, and doable!

I’ll be posting an update every Wednesday. I’ll share some of the recipes I enjoyed from the past week, and when I feel like there’s a noticeable difference from the that pic I took, I’ll post another pic.

If anyone else out there wants to join in on this 30 challenge, and/or the 60 day challenge, that’s awesome! I’ll just need a before and after shot of you, and maybe a few guest posts along the way to share great healthy recipes, or just talk about the struggle.

For those of you who are trainers and friends out there, this is pre-tired Courtney talking: Don’t let me quit! I may need to be reminded from time to time that I can do it, and it’s only for 3 months. I have quite a terrible track record of sticking to things like this. I’m feeling pretty motivated this time, though! I CAN DO IT! :)

A new mom, lover of food and wine, and some say, a real firecracker.
  1. Go mama!!! Good for you!!

  2. Hey Courtney,

    I’d love to do the challenge with you. I’m trying to look the best I ever have by June 16th for the wedding. Also doing weight watchers! Let me drudge up some “really before” pictures, since I’ve been at this since July. I need some accountability!

    • Oh yay! yay! yay! I have a friend! :) In soldarity, I’ll repost before pics with yours so, you’re not alone! I’m going to do one front shot and one side shot! I have to admit, started yesterday, and those 5 pushups were no joke. I’m kinda screwed! At least we’re in it together, my sista from another mista!

  3. Alright, I’m in. I hesitate to tell you because I’ll probably back out, but I need to tell you to keep me from backing out. The Korean winter is so much colder than what I am used to and it is near impossible to get outside and be active. Even something as small as push up, sit ups, and walking to school everyday will be an improvement from sitting on my couch and at my desk all day. Where can I find the months other than February?

    • Haha! Yay! I did the same thing. I was just going to do the challenge and not tell anyone, but I know I’d back out halfway through if I did that. So, I told the whole world instead. I reeeeaallly want to feel good on my 30th, so I guess this was the only way to have some real accountability. I do not have the schedule for other months. I was just kind of crossing off days, and not paying attention to the actual date, since I started in the middle of a month, anyway. It would be wonky, even if I made it for March. Also, I’m not sure if you actually started doing them or not, but I have realized that I think I damaged my tailbone in labor, because I can’t do a full sit up. I have a stabbing pain in my tailbone when I get through the second half. So, I have to modify and do crunches. However, I am adding 50% more crunches than it says each day to make up for it. So I did 38 crunches last night, because I was supposed to do 25 full situps. Does that make sense? Seems complicated, but I was just trying to not hurt myself, and not cheat. I’ll talk about it on Wed. I am planking on my forearms. I didn’t know you could plank on your elbows. That sounds painful! Try to take a before pic, so we can all do a big before and after reveal at the end! If you can’t that’s totally cool. I’m just glad to have another friend in the mix! xo

  4. Oh! Are you planking on your elbows or with arms out?

  5. Signed up this morning! Only 6 days late, LOL! I can’t believe you turn 30 this year – I turn 40!!! Ugh!

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