Why I’m Just Not That Into Pinterest.

Oh, Pinterest. The ultimate online enabler.

Before you ladies get your panties in a bunch, believe me, I was just as addicted to Pinterest as the next girl. Don’t believe me? Go look at my boards. I’m especially proud of my food board. That’s about 4 months of Pinterest hardcore addiction right there. When I found Pinterest, I was very pregnant and in major nesting mode. This site was heaven. But then one day, I saw a pin for a Reese’s stuffed chocolate chip cookie, and I thought “oh, my god that looks amazing…”, but then I had this overwhelming feeling of guilt and shame. Pinterest can be a wonderfully comprehensive website for clever ideas that make our lives easier. However, in my opinion, obsessing over food we shouldn’t eat and clothes and accessories we can’t afford is one of the major problems of this country. Therefore, I think Pinterest hurts much more than it helps. Here’s my specific examples:

Reese’s cheesecake brownies. Really? Three Desserts in one?

1. 80% of the recipes are the most obscenely gluttonous atrocities I have ever seen. Who needs to look at that many recipes for peanut butter snickers cheesecake, baked macaroni and cheese, and double chocolate better-than-sex brownies? The level of disgusting deliciousness that is portrayed in the food section of Pinterest is embarrassing. It only exists because there is no one else in the room judging you for drooling over it. I don’t think it’s out of line to compare the food section of Pinterest to a hardcore porn site. Just because it’s food, and is objectifying food, clothes and other crap, doesn’t make it acceptable. Of course there’s no harm in pinning a few recipes like this, but when it’s pages and pages of desserts, one more fattening than the next, where are the boundaries between healthy and obsessive?

2. The women’s apparel section of this site brings coveting to a whole new level. It was fun to virtual window shop for, oh, about the first 15 mins. But after the 20th Chanel bag pin, I was over it. How many possible ensemble pins do we need to look at?? Are we not bombarded enough by this in every other second of our lives? Are we that enslaved to materialism? Good thing Chanel doesn’t make heroin.

3. Posters like these are inspiring at first, but after about 20 of them, they have an opposite effect for me. Really? Ridiculously amazing? Everyday?

This poster is a whole other issue, but while I’m on the subject, I might as well go there. To me, this embodies everything about the percentage of the female population that makes intelligent women look bad. Why do some women insist on portraying themselves as queens, and their daughters as princesses? To me, that is the most ego maniacal statement anyone could make. This is not an attack on all women, or even women alone for that matter. There are also plenty of men who are equally guilty of the same practices. I’m looking at you, “man cave” men with your “toys” that should be money in your child’s college fund. This general idea of superiority some people have over the general population is disgusting, and unfortunately, Pinterest has become a vehicle for spreading nonsense like this.

Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the good Pinterest has the power to do. The saddest part is, we are doing this to ourselves! These pins have been put there by us for us! Ladies, don’t we get enough of the marketing everywhere we go? Must we continue the obsession in our homes, even when our tvs are off? Imagine for a minute, a Pinterest world full of tasty, healthy recipes, helpful tips, and informational articles, all without having to sift through the sea of crap and temptations to get there. Now that’s the kind of Pinterest I’d LOVE to be addicted to.

A new mom, lover of food and wine, and some say, a real firecracker.
  1. “Everything in moderation” should be the lesson learned. Enjoy one dessert recipe and log off!

  2. Omigosh I have had a similar post brewing in my head for weeks. You hit the nail on the head. Amen sister!

    • Thanks, Ali! I’m SO glad at least one person agreed with me! Even my own sister had to disagree :( At least I got ‘em thinking..

  3. I have managed to limit myself to only looking at the stuff from the DIY section. I have to admit, though, that it has been helpful to me in planning my wedding, but 90% of my pins on that board are of non-Pinterest website origin.

    The foodie stuff on there just makes me mad, because I had to give up dairy so I could keep breastfeeding my milk-protein allergic son, and I am still a little bitter about it! LOL

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